Ceiling Cleaning – Why You Might Want To have Your Roof Cleaned

Ceiling Cleaning – You can get a spotlessly clean ceiling and loft area reducing the dust and fine particles that are dropping down into your home causing allergies and simply is just unhealthy for your family.

Ceiling Cleaning JohannesburgAbove your ceiling you will find:

  • Decomposed insects
  • Rat and mouse faeces
  • Bird droppings
  • Dust
  • Old builder’s rubble

Just to name a few.

These decompose into fine dirt that will find its way into your home, unseen and just drifting around. It gets into your home through the gaps in the ceiling, a good example are the fittings connecting your lights.

  • You cannot see these particles floating in the air and the rarely settle as dust as the slightest movement will disturb them.
  • It becomes part of the air you and your family breathe in, and over time causes all sorts of health problems.

You won’t give your family dirty water to drink because you can see the dirt.

In the air however these particles are too small to see and you would not even know.

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We can help you solve the dirt problem with a thorough ceiling cleaning.

Here is what will happen when you have your ceiling cleaned.

  • The entire ceiling area is first swept with brushes and pans to remove all the dirt, faeces, and other “things” than can be swept up.
  • With industrial vacuum cleaners the rest of the dust that could not be swept is sucked out and completely removed from your roof
  • The next step is sanitizing your roof. A patented product (only used by us) is sprayed onto your entire ceiling area as well as the roof. This ensures all the dust is removed and will keep your roof sanitised.

Now you have a clean roof, better than what it was when it was first built.

It is not a quick clean and takes up to 8 hours to complete with a team of 4 to 7 members.

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What happens if you have roof insulation installed?

Depending on the age of the insulation and type of insulation it needs to be removed before ceiling cleaning can commence.

Insulation material like Aerolite can be moved over to the side while cleaning the area.

However, the insulation material can only be cleaned on the surface areas with sweeping. An industrial vacuum cleaner will rip apart any material that is used for roof insulation. Deep cleaning the insulation material is not possible and whatever is inside will remain.

Although many insulation materials can last for 25 years or more, it is impossible to clean properly.

You would most likely do a thorough roof clean once every ten to fifteen years, and for the best possible results it is recommended that you replace the old insulation with new insulation. This will give you all the benefits of a super clean roof.

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Blow-in Insulation material.

If your roof has blow-in insulation material it has to be removed before cleaning can commence and it cannot be put back. The chemical reactions when filling the roof with blow in material cannot be replicated with the old material.

A further disadvantage of the blow in material removal is that if properly installed, will take a team of six people, 7 hours to clean out 100 square metres. This will be an additional charge to the quote and not included in our price list.

Cleaning Price List (Inclusive of VAT and Call Out Fee)

Cleaning Area Price
 <100m2  R 2400,00
 100 – 150m2  R 2900,00
 150 – 200m2  R 3400,00
 200 – 250m2  R 3900,00
 250 – 300m2  R 4100,00
 300 – 350m2  R 4400,00
 350 – 400m2  R 5200,00
 400m+  Price on request

Sanitising Price List (Inclusive of VAT and Call Out Fee)

Cleaning Area Price
 <100m2  R 740,00
 100 – 150m2  R 820,00
 150 – 200m2  R 900,00
 200 – 250m2  R 990,00
 250 – 300m2  R 1040,00
 300 – 350m2  R 1080,00
 350 – 400m2  R 1170,00
 400m+  Price on request

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Last Updated: 20 January 2017