Installing Ceiling Insulation

Installing Ceiling Insulation in your home

When constructing a house one of the most important tasks for any house owner is installing ceiling installation. The thing that makes ceiling insulation in particular so important is that the proper material and technique of insulation can simultaneously protect two floors at the same time from heat loss or cold seepage.

Installing ceiling insulation involves taking into consideration quite a few variables, the cost of the insulation of course but not just the immediate short term cost but also the long term cost that could accumulate due to heating or cooling costs for the house.

Good Thermal Insulation

A good thermal insulation helps on an average to cut about 25-30 percent from your heating or cooling budget. Making the right decision in installing ceiling insulation could lead to lesser costs and lesser hassles for you over the years, even if the initial thermal insulation is slightly costlier than the traditional fiber glass, like say aerolite, even then it would recommend going with the higher priced insulation.

Long term costs will be much lower and there would be considerably less hassle involving maintenance and renovation, not to mention a lower health bill by avoiding all those annoying weather based ailments.

So which material would be best used for installing ceiling insulation?

Opinions vary but most agree that using an aerolite based thermal coating generally trumps everything on the market. A chemical based insulation that is in wide usage in the ply industry, Aerolite is an overall great choice for use as insulation. Although initial cost might be a bit more than cheaper alternatives such as fiber glass or cotton blankets, the long term savings more than offset that initial displeasure of dishing out a little extra. The environmental benefits are also manifold as Aerolite is much more environmentally friendly than many foam based or chemical based insulation materials.

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