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“They left you with a gift – THEIR FECES”


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For years now you have had many tenants in your roof you would never have met, but they did leave a reminder of their visit.

Thats right, there have been birds, rats, mice, insects in your roof.

The common denominator is: they left you with a “gift” – THEIR FECES

Over the years/months this dries up and turns to dust – that is the dust entering your home and you and your children inhale.

Because of all the different variants this is the perfect ground for many allergies – and no matter what you do you just don’t seem to get rid of it…


Today you can lessen your allergy problems by simply having your roof cleaned properly


We vacuum ceilings and clean roofs.



Rats, birds, bats and other unwelcome guests in your home, especially in the roof can have these unwanted effects:

Smells of old feces and urine

Smelly dead animals like bats, rats and birds

Smells from old abandoned bird nests

Ceiling stains from old feces

Damage to your plastic pipes and possible water leaks

Roof insulation and wood damage caused by gnawing

Damaged electrical cables due to gnawing

Intrusion of Dust Mites from nests

Diseases amoung others like Typhus and Salmonella

The complete cleaning and vacuuming service will remove all vermin feces, birds’ nests, debris and building waste materials (excluding existing insulation or discontinued geysers)  with industrial cleaning equipment. All materials removed from the loft are taken away and dumped by us at the Chloorkop Dump.

The entire roof cleaning process would take approximately 4 – 6 hours to complete (depending on roof pitch and conditions in the loft).

Please note that the cleaning process described above is undertaken purely for hygiene purposes.

If you are constantly suffering from allergies in your home it is time to clean the roof properly and you could have much less allergy problems

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Last Updated: 20 August 2018